Wednesday, January 17, 2018

There are 348 days remaining until the end of the year

There are 16 days remaining until Groundhog Day

There are 28 days remaining until Valentine's Day

Exactly two months away from St. Patrick's Day!

Today is Cable Car Day, Customer Service Day, Ditch New Years Resolutions Day, Hot-Buttered Rum Day and Kid Inventors' Day

-- On this date in 1706, Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston

-- On this date in 1861, the flush toilet was invented

-- On this date in 1899, Gangster Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Wednesday's Birthday Cake

pop star Calvin Harris (34)

rapper Ray J (37)

actress Zooey Deschanel (38)

rapper Lil Jon (47)

rocker Kid Rock (47)

former First Lady Michelle Obama (54)

Jim Carrey (56)

Muhammad Ali would have been 58

talk show host Maury Povich (79)

actor James Earl Jones (87)

Betty White (96)


Trending ...

- TMZ claims an Arizona man has applied for the rights to the term 'NOprah' because he does not want her or any other celebrities running for president. The man may place the phrase on shirts, jackets, shoes, pants and other clothing.

- Page Six claims Kim and Kanye became parents on Monday for the third time when their surrogate gave birth. The baby's name has not yet been released

- CNET claims Tag Heuer is now selling a $197,000 smartwatch. The watch contains 589 baguette size diamonds. The 23 carats of diamonds sit on an 18 karat white gold band.


  • A paper cup supposedly once used by Elvis Presley at a concert in 1956 is up for sale on eBay this week. The seller is hoping to get $1,000 for it, but the last bid we saw was $157.
  • Ford says they're going to boost their electrical vehicle spending to $11 billion and will offer 40 electric models by the year 2022.
  • There's a push to break California into two states, the new one being called "New California," which would be made up of the rural areas, leaving the big cities on the coast as part of the original California.


a 34 year-old man recently spent a week in the hospital after rupturing his nose following a sneeze. The man tried to suppress his sneeze before it ruptured the back of his throat and injured his nose


  • They say a new flu strain is on the way and things could actually get worse. Wash your hands.



Super Bowl Halftime performer Justin Timberlake held a listening party in New York City last night for his new CD man of the woods. The event space was decorated with bushes and trees. Justin served ants coated in black garlic and rose oil Justin serve Grasshoppers and ants coated in black garlic and rose oil. Justin played up the woodsy theme by serving Grasshoppers and ants drenched and black garlic and rose oil. Do paragraph


JONAS BROTHERS RESURRECT THEIR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT: It’s been almost five years since the Jonas Brothers’ Instagram page went dormant. Curiously, the social media profile has come back from the dead and fans want to know if reappearance of their digital presence spell a reunion. Since the band broke up in 2013, all three Jonas Brothers have pursued independent projects.






The Minnesota Vikings believe 99 year-old Millie Wall is their good luck charm. The team invited her to their playoff game against the Saints on Sunday. The Vikes won on a last-second play.

USA Today claims NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell gave Millie tickets to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis. says Vikings fans started a GoFundMe page to send her to Philadelphia for the NFC Championship game on Sunday. The page reads ...

"Our hero and inspiration Millie, led our Vikings to an unbelievable and unforgettable victory (sic) against the New Orleans Saints on January 14, 2018. What transpired in the final moments of that game will live on in Vikings lore forever. We owe Millie another day on the gridiron and most importantly, our team needs her. 

Over $700 has been raised



FUN FACT:  (AUDIO) Charlie Puth Admits That He's Quite Shy ... Charlie says he's an incredibly shy person. He'll warm up once he gets to know you



Passenger Booted From British Airways Flight For Wearing Too Much Clothing:WWWN claims British Airways recently refused to allow a passenger to board because he was wearing too many clothes. Ryan Williams had on eight pairs of pants and ten shirts because he did not want to pay the airline's baggage fee. British Airways employees in Iceland refused to allow Ryan to board his plane to London. He was arrested after he became rude to staffers. Ryan booked another flight and flew home the next day.



WHAT A DAY @ WALMART:  Man Waves Machete At Walmart: The Bristol Herald Courier newspaper claims the Bismarck, North Dakota police recently arrested a man for waving a machete at a local Walmart. The man was yelling at customers when officers tased him and took him into custody. The man was charged with terrorizing


Jaguars Fan Could Win $99,000: CBS claims a Jacksonville Jaguars fan could win $99,000 if the team wins the Super Bowl. After last year's championship game, the man made a $990 bet on the Jaguars to win this year's Big Game. The odds at the time were 100 to 1. New England is a 9.5 point favorite to beat the Jaguars this weekend




Dale Earnhardt Jr tells Complex magazine that he was terrified when he met Jay-Z."We were racing in New Hampshire that weekend and my manager was like, 'Do you want to be in a Jay Z video?' I said, 'Of course, who wouldn’t want to do that?'" We fly to Monaco overnight, get there, it’s about eight in the morning. I’m walking up to the location we’re gonna shoot in. Jay Z’s sitting on this wall on the side of the street, just hanging out, so we talk, and Beyoncé walks up. She must have been shopping, she had a couple bags in her hands, looked like she was having a great time. So we got introduced to her as soon as I got off the plane, pretty much. I worked with Jay Z all day long, and we ended up going to dinner with him and Beyoncé that night. It was just an incredible 24 hours."


Man Jumps Into Feezing River To Avoid Cops: The Herald-Dispatch claims a 34 year-old man recently tried to escape from the West Virginia State Police by jumping into a river in Barboursville. Josh Roman stole a Chevy Silverado before cops spotted him near a mall. They chased Josh before he exited the truck and jumped into a river. Troopers pulled him from the 15-degree water after they spotted him floating lifelessly on his back. Josh was treated for hypothermia before being charged with a DUI, theft and other crimes


Cat Owners vs Dog Owners Survey

Mars Petcare recently questioned 1,000 dog and cat owners to find the differences and similarities between them.

- they found cat people are more creative than dog people

- dog owners earn more than cat owners ($47,000 vs $40,000)

- cat owners are four times more likely to work in a create field than dog owners

- dog owners are more likely to watch horror films than cat owners

- dog owners are more likely to enjoy yoga, dancing and travel than cat owners

- cat owners are more likely to enjoy writing and gardening than dog owners


You Think It's Cold?
If you think it's been cold where you are, thank your lucky stars you're not in the village of Oymyakon in Russia. Temperatures there have dropped to as low as minus 79 degrees - cold enough to freeze people's eyelashes


Former adult star Alana Evans says her friend, Stormy Daniels, allegedly had relations with President Trump. Alana alleges that Stormy told her Donald chased her around the hotel room in his 'tighty whities. Time for 'Celebrity Boxers Or Briefs.'

Kobe Bryant: Answer: Boxers

Gerard Butler Answer: Boxers

P Diddy: Answer: Boxers

Ben Affleck: Answer: Briefs

Denzel Washington: Answer: Boxers

Orlando Bloom: Answer: Briefs

Ryan Reynolds: Answer: Briefs


Dad Hires Helicopter; Finds Missing Kid
The father of a missing teenager followed his intuition, hired a helicopter, and then found his 17-year-old son who had spent 30 hours trapped in a car wreck in the Australian woods. Tony Lethbridge, says he suspected his son may have been in a car wreck when he did not return home at Lake Macquarie, after a night out with friends in Sydney, 80 miles to the south. The father says he hired a helicopter the next morning and the car was spotted in the brush off a highway 12 miles from home. Emergency services cut Samuel Lethbridge from the wreck 30 hours after the accident. He remained hospitalized in serious condition with multiple fractures two days after the crash. His dad said, "Everybody was saying: He's probably run away and all that kind of stuff. That's just not Samuel." He then recalled hearing about a victim of an earlier crash in the area had died after not being found within five days and added, "I wasn't going to let that happen." Lee Mitchell, the helicopter pilot and part-owner of Skyline Aviation Group at Lake Macquarie, says he discounted his usual helicopter hire rate of 1,200 Australian dollars ($956) an hour when the father explained his plight and said 'I've got A$1,000 ($797) on me, will that be enough?' The car was spotted within 15 minutes of flight, about 20 yards off the road. 


MISTAKEN MISSILE ALERT IN JAPAN: A mistaken alert about a North Korea missile launch was sent out yesterday (January 16th) by Japan's public broadcaster, just three days after a similar incorrect alert was blasted out in Hawaii, terrifying people who believed a nuclear missile was on the way. NHK television issued the message on its news sites and Twitter, saying that North Korea appeared to have fired a missile at Japan and urging people to evacuate and take shelter. NHK deleted the tweet several minutes later and issued a correction. The false Hawaiian alert took longer to correct, with people not finding out until 38 minutes later that it had been a mistake.



GARBAGE COLLECTORS OPEN LIBRARY WITH DISCARDED BOOKS: A Turkish library was opened using books thrown in the trash. For months, the sanitation department gathered books and as word of the collection spread, residents also began donating books directly. The library located in an previously vacant sanitation building now holds over 6,000 books. The collection grew so large that the library now loans the salvaged books to schools, educational programs, and even prisons. (CNN)



BABY BEAR FOUND TRAPPED INSIDE CAR: There's nothing like camping in the great outdoors, until you come back to your car to find a bear inside. A group of visitors staying in a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee were surprised to find a baby bear trapped inside one of their vehicles. The group says they had just arrived and left a car door opened when dog treats were inside. They noticed the bear once it started honking the car horn. After two attempts (and with a mama bear watching nearby) the campers were able to free the baby bear from the vehicle-- neither man nor beast got injured. (UPI



MASSACHUSETTS POLICE ARREST MAN FOR STEALING MANHOLE COVERS: If you steal manhole covers you'll eventually have to answer to the man. Massachusetts police say they have arrested a man who swiped several manhole covers and put traffic cones in their place. Police say the 46-year-old bandit was from Webster and was arrested Friday (January 12th) and charged with larceny




"Will and Grace Changing Name to Grace and Will!"
Trash! Only if Yoda takes over the network.

"Writing Down a To-Do List Each Night Means Better Sleep!"
Truth! Researchers at Baylor University's Sleep Neuroscience and Cognition Laboratory have did a study showing that people who write out a to-do list before bedtime fell asleep an average of nine minutes quicker than those who didn't.

"Massachusetts Couple Each Wins $1 Million!"
Truth! Robert Goodwin just won a $1 million jackpot on a $5 instant lottery ticket. His wife won $1 million in the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes last August!


CREATIVE THINKERS HAVE BETTER-CONNECTED BRAINS: You may consider yourself creative, but it turns out a brain scan would reveal if you truly are. An international team of scientists lead by Harvard University researchers have found three areas of the brain are linked to creative thought, and that innovative thinkers have stronger connections between those three areas compared to less imaginative people. Harvard psychologist Dr. Roger Beaty adds, "Interestingly, these brain regions do not usually work together. This suggests that the creative brain might be 'wired' differently. Our findings suggest that creativity involves an optimal balance between spontaneous and controlled aspects of thinking." 


SAUNA SESSION MAY BE AS GOOD FOR THE HEART AS MODERATE EXERCISE: There's nothing like hot steam to relieve tense muscles, and a new study finds hanging out in a hot sauna might actually be as good for your blood vessels as moderate exercise. University of Eastern Finland researchers looked at 102 middle-aged adults who did not have heart disease, but did have risk factors for it. Each participants had a single sauna session in the traditional Finnish style-- dry heat that topped 160 degrees Fahrenheit. They found on average, sauna-users's blood pressure dropped by seven points and their arteries became more "elastic" based on non-invasive tests. Researcher Tanjaniina Laukkanen notes it's possible that the short-term effects in this study could explain the lower heart disease risk, and added, "This may partly reflect the fact that people are getting away from their phones and allowing themselves to relax and get into a more meditative state." (


WOMEN DISPLAY MORE BRAIN ACTIVITY THAN MEN WHEN THEY'RE AROUSED: This might not be too surprising to some, but scientists have found women use their brains more than men do when sexually aroused. McGill University researchers scanned the brains of 40 male and female volunteers as they were shown porn and video clips from a sitcom. They found genital arousal in women was more strongly linked with brain activity, across multiple regions, compared to me



INNOCENT-LOOKING BRACELET COULD PROTECT WOMEN FROM MUGGERS BY UNLEASHING 'NIGHTMARE' SCENT: There's a new bracelet on the market that could soon rival pepper spray. A Dutch company has come up with a bracelet called Invi that uses a terrible smell to repel criminals. The company unveiled the creation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and says their bracelet is more discreet that other safety items currently on the market. To activate the stink the user has to press a safety button on the bracelet and pull on the brown leather strap until it breaks. The scent unleashed is supposed to "distract and (sexually) demotivate the attacker.


Today's Mindbender: '''28% of couples wait six months before doing this. What is it?"

Extra Clue: nothing to do with an engagement

Extra Clue: their partner's bathroom

Final Clue: mouth

Answer: leaving a toothbrush at their partner's home.