Thursday, April 20, 2017
 110th day of the year. 
There are 255 days remaining until the end of the year
There are 15 days remaining until Cinco De Mayo
There are 24 days remaining until Mother's Day
Today is Get to Know Your Customer Day, International Pizza Cake Day, Lima Bean Respect Day, National Cheddar Fries Day, National D.A.R.E. Day, National High Five Day, National Look Alike Day, National Pineapple Upside-down Cake Day and Volunteer Recognition Day
Today is National Cheddar Fries Day
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According to the American Lung Association’s 2017 state of the air report, Wilmington was listed as one of the cleanest cities in the United States.
Last Wilmington RadioShack locations to close
Japan is trying to stop their "death by overworking" problem by placing a limit of 100-hours of overtime per month.
In Georgia it's illegal to keep what in your bathtub? (A donkey)
According to a poll, newlyweds spend most of their time on their honeymoon doing what? (Arguing or fighting)
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani may be having relationship issues.  TONS OF PRESSURE ON THEM AND The love just faded.”
- People magazine has named Julia Roberts as the World's Most Beautiful Woman. It's the fifth time she's won the award. The 49 year-old also won the award in 1991, 2000, 2005 and 2010
Ricky Martin is getting his own reality show on VH1.
- CNN claims Fox News has fired Bill O'Reilly because of sexual harassment allegations and settlements. The NY Times claims the network has paid out $13 million to settle the claims
Adam Levine has changed his hair color to blonde.
- Screen Rant claims Will Smith is in talks to play the Genie in the live-action remake of Aladdin
- ESPN claims bidding on Patrick Swayze's 1991 DeLorean is up to $32,000. The car is the same model that was used in Back to the Future
According to a new survey, 44 percent of people would rather take a longer flight that costs more than fly United Airlines.
- The Local newspaper claims Burger King stores in Switzerland are now offering home delivery service. A minimum of $28 worth of food must be ordered before the restaurant will deliver
A rancher up north in Saskatchewan was surprised to see his cattle all huddled together. He went out to see what was going on, and they were being herded... by a beaver
- M&M's ice cream bars have hit store shelves.
GREAT PICK UP LINE FOR CRAZY GIRLZ:  "Monogamy not your style? No problem. Dating me is like having three different girlfriends."
Six Year-Old Hits Hole In One: The Daily Record claims 6 year-old Jack Dunn recently hit a hole-in-one at a golf course in Scotland. He aced the 134 yard, par-3 7th hole.
Drunk Man Passes Out; Lights Underwear On Fire At Walmart: The News Tribune claims a drunk man recently lit his underwear on fire while at a Central Pierce, Washington Walmart. The man fell asleep on a Walmart bathroom toilet while holding a lit cigarette. Ashes from the cigarette dropped onto the man's underwear before it caught fire. Black smoke caused the store's fire alarms to go off. Firefighters quickly arrived and found the bathroom filled with smoke. The man slept through the entire ordeal. Firefighters used a dry chemical extinguisher to put out the blaze. The man was taken to a hospital with leg burns.
Breathalyzer Officer Fired For Being Drunk: Arkansas Online claims an Austin, Texas police officer was recently fired for showing up to work drunk. The officer's main duty was to administer breathalyzer tests. The officer had a blood-alcohol level of .65. The officer's supervisor was suspended for 60 days
Rob Gronkowski Crashes White House Press Briefing ... Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots showed up during Press Secretary Sean Spicer's White House press briefing. Gronk opened the door, and asked Spicer: "Need some help?" Spicer responded: "I think I got this, but thank you." Gronk was on hand for President Trump's ceremony honoring the Patriots' Super Bowl win
Man Boobs
Detroit plastic surgeon Anthony Youn tells CNN that men may develop man boobs if they smoke weed. He says weed causes testosterone levels to fall and that man boobs are caused by an imbalance in levels of testosterone and estrogen. ''So can smoking pot really give you man boobs? Probably. Although the association between marijuana and gynaecomastia hasn't been conclusively proven, it appears very plausible. For this reason, the majority of plastic surgeons I've consulted with routinely inquire with their gynaecomastia patients about cannabis use and recommend they stop smoking pot immediately.''
NEW STUDY OUT OF DENVER: 10% of Americans have smoked weed before work. Other findings:
Men's favorite colors:
Blue: 43 percent
Green: 25 percent
Purple: 12 percent
Red: 8 percent
Orange: 7 percent
Yellow: 5 percent
Pink: 1 percent
Women's favorite colors:
Blue: 29 percent
Purple: 27 percent
Green: 19 percent
Red: 9 percent
Pink: 7 percent
Yellow: 6 percent
Orange: 3 percent
Did you know that the position in which you sleep at night -- whether it's all curled up in a fetal position or sprawled out across the bed -- reveals your personality? That's the word from Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service.
The Fetal (41 percent): People who sleep this way, which is the most common way to sleep, are described as tough on the outside, but sensitive on the inside.
The Log (15 percent): People who sleep this way lie on their side with both arms down, close to their side. They tend to be social and easy-going people who enjoy being part of the in-crowd.
The Yearner (13 percent): Sleeping on your side with both arms stretched out in front of you describes the yearner's sleep position. While they have an open nature, they can be suspicious andeven cynical. Such people are slow to make up their mind, but once a decision has been made, they are unlikely to ever change it.
The Soldier (8 percent): Lying flat on the back with both arms pinned at the side is the sleep position of the soldier. People who sleep this way are quiet and reserved. They don't like a fuss and set themselves and others to high standards.
The Freefall (7 percent): People who sleep this way lie on their tummy with their hands at the sides of their head. While they tend to be brash and gregarious on the surface, they are nervy and thin-skinned underneath.
The Starfish (5 percent): People in the starfish position sleep on their back with both arms up around the pillow. Because they are always ready to listen to others and offer help when needed, they make the best of friends; however, they generally don't like to be the center of attention.
The Rest of Us. The remaining 11 percent in this study either said they slept in a variety of positions or just didn't know how they slept. Once you have a preferred position, you're unlikely to change it from night-to-night.
Today's Mindbender: ''5% of men do this to impress a date? What is it?"
Extra Clue: not flowers
Exta Clue: appearance
Final Clue: Don Johnson
Answer: grow stubble