There is no time to waste and you are feeling the heat. Make sure you are not following the path of least resistance by quitting on some of the promises you made to yourself



Your loneliness is only an illusion and the spell of isolation is broken by asking for help. There is a big difference between being alone and being lonely.



You might be feeling blue today, strangely driven back to past memories. Take your time processing your feelings, and keep in mind that this sentimental journey won't last forever.



You are a natural-born healer, but may struggle to maintain your boundaries today. You want to see people grow free, not dependent.



Whatever you set in motion now needs to be finished. Otherwise, you just leave a stressful mess to clean up later. Efficiency is the name of the game.



Your current readiness to plunge in deep is contagious. However, be careful not to go so deep you cannot catch your breath again. A perfect mix of cooperation and inspiration is a powerful creation.



A sense of chaos creeps under your skin and causes an emotional rash. It is as if you can’t hurry fast enough now, and life keeps putting obstacles in the way of swift solutions. It demands courage to make unorthodox choices.





You are back to sorting out what needs to be said. There are always thoughts churning in the dark corners of your mind and you are not good at leaving things unsaid today.



Insisting on being right when there is a chance that you could be wrong might waste a precious day. Take the best, throw the rest.



Embracing sustainability ensures success, or at least that is your thinking these days. You might wisely recognize that relentlessly chasing your goals is an unsustainable path to follow.



Your strength of character is revealed the moment you enjoy the privilege of freedom. You can easily squander your time daydreaming or choose to demonstrate your willpower and self-discipline.



Be meticulous and follow through on fulfilling your basic needs today. Some people never learn and it's not your job to teach them.


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