---Rihanna has released a new line of socks called Fenty for Stance by Rihanna.Both pairs cost $48.

---Pink tells the BBC that she hopes to be playing Vegas when she's 80. “I’m going to be 80 in Vegas in a tutu flying upside down. I haven’t been shot out of a cannon yet but maybe my last show that will be the way I go out.

---Thicke's 22 year-old girlfriend April is 3 months pregnant with his baby girl. The couple has been dating for three years. Robin is 40

---MTV is rebooting Unplugged. The first episode will premiere on September 8th with a performance by Shawn Mendes

---Shawn Mendes was recently performing in Brooklyn when Ed Sheeran walked out on stage and sang ''Mercy'' with him

---Michelle Obama may join the Will & Grace reboot.

---Jennifer Aniston's husband Justin Theroux tells Mr. Porter magazine that he once blew off an audition for "Friends". ''I didn't bother. I slept in that day. I wouldn't have been prepared for the fame.''



---Zayn Malik tells V Man magazine that he would have been an English teacher had he not been a popstar. '' think I'd be at university and I would have done my English degree. I think I'd be looking for some employment to do with English lecturing or literature. 'I love poetry and writing -

--Drake and Mariah Carey are secretly communicating behind Bryan Tanaka's back

---Forbes’ Highest-Paid Actresses over the last year

Emma Stone—$26 million Jennifer Aniston—$25.5 million Jennifer Lawrence—$24 million Melissa McCarthy—$18 million Mila Kunis—$15.5 million

---Simon Cowell tells The Sun newspaper that he hopes One Direction reunites.

---Jennifer Aniston is allegedly not happy about the new Friends musical.

--- Justin Timberlake has become a 'Mr Mom'. A source tells the site; “Jessica’s role on USA Network thriller “The Sinner” is the first time she has worked full-time since having a child.

---Daniel Craig may have a no-nudity clause in his contract when he plays James Bond again

---Shawn Mendes tells the Hollywood Reporter that his new cologne has hints of pineapple, apple, lemon oil, musk and White Cedar. ''Growing up, I was very big on candles and lotions. These are all the smells that I like."




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