--Taylor Swift's new boyfriend Joe Alwyn may move from London to the U.S. to be closer to her. Taylor will still be able to continue her love affair with London where she can walk around unnoticed and live a relatively normal life.”

--The Weeknd recently purchased a Hidden Hills, California home for $20 million. It has nine bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a wine cellar, a home theater, a music lounge, a gym, a pool area, a 10-person spa, an outdoor kitchen, olive trees and a barn

---Ariana Grande was performing in Manchester, England yesterday when two loud explosions rocked her concert. Sky News claims 20 people died and at least 50 were injured. Ariana's rep says she is safe.

--Rihanna is done with Drake because he called Nicki Minaj the love of his life at the Billboard Music Awards.-

--Kris Jenner wants to have her marriage to Caitlyn Jenner annulled. Kris now feels like her entire 22 years with Bruce were a lie and the law states that if the marriage happened under false pretenses or fraud it can be annulled.--

--Beyonce held her baby shower over the weekend. A source tells the sites that it included a pool party and a lemonade bar for children


--Russell Crowe was recently doing an interview when he mentioned his friendship with Ed Sheeran and how he is engaged. The paper claims Crowe said; "We became friends through people we know and he was on tour and came to stay. We just became friendly and he has since come back with his fiancée for more time and stuff."

--Harry Styles was recently performing in Los Angeles when Stevie Nicks joined him on stage to sing a cover of Fleetwood Mac's Landslide.

--Niall Horan tells The Sun that he is recording with Shania Twain.

-- Katy Perry's new song "Swish Swish'' is a veiled attempt to attack Taylor Swift.

Lyrics include: "Your game is tired, you should retire, you're about as cute as an old coupon expired. And karma's not a liar, she keeps receipts."

--Mariah Carey and her ex, Bryan Tanaka, were spotted kissing during a dinner date on Friday in Beverly Hills. They posted a picture of themselves sharing a milkshake together.




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